Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Thirty Day Vegan...Day 26

So I'm not going to tell you how amazing last night's meal was. But it was pretty amazing, anyway. It consisted of the new pasta "alfredo" sauce that I've been told looks like an unfortunate byproduct of digestive distress. And the now staple marinara sauce, garlic rolls and roasted brussel sprouts and leftover delish bits from Easter vegan desserts. There could be a crumb or two, EER. And Kim, it's deliciously cheesy...not Cheddar, but tasty. If you lived closer I'd so have you over to taste it.

I do need to give a report about my 21 day commitment to working on the novel. I completed the task. I rewrote a problematic scene. Then wrote and edited three more scenes. And discovered a creative way to work out a fairly big plotting point. I read all that we had written out loud, found several issues and suggested how we might fix said issues. And most importantly, I think I've got the remaining 7 or 8 chapters blocked out, broken down, and skeleton figured out. Now we just need to hang the muscle and meat on the skeleton and pump it full of life.

And I enjoyed it. I had committed to a half hour per day, focused on an aspect of the book. But as I dove in I found that I wanted to spend more time, that I was enjoying writing. I also think I've grown as a writer. The words flowed easier. The sentence structure, the getting under the character's skin, the hanging onto the voice...those happened easier...almost like my brain was still working on those skills while I was refusing to go any further on this story.

Glad I took that little venture on. And I'm going to keep on, keeping on that one, too.