Monday, September 26, 2011

Scraps and Snippets ~ Of Apple, Cinnamon, Pumpkin and Super Sweetly Cheap Cookbooks...

 I have stacks of books at my house. A result of a long term compulsion to buy books that are bargains. Some of them are cookbooks, some novels, and some are about figuring out life. I occasionally want to clear out some of the ones I've read, used and don't plan to keep using. The space I net is a bonus. Feeling green is another bonus.

We have a Half-Price Books in our metro area. And Half-Price Books buys books, and sells books at sometimes super bargain prices. I have quite the good time there. Especially when I find a book I've been wanting real bad.  

We were in the neighborhood the other day and I sold some cookbooks that were ones that didn't work for our new way of eating.

I ended up turning those few books into a SCORE. We found a cookbook we'd been eyeballing on Amazon. For six bucks cheaper. Win. Win. Win. Turn in six books, take home one keeper? Priceless.

^ (The unpronounceable symbol for the daughter who used to be known as 24 because her birthday is right around the corner and I have to change her name every year anyhoo.) made pumpkin muffins and cupcakes. Both are keepers. This cookbook will NOT be going back to Half-Price Books. I'll do a review of it soonish. I found some recipes that I'm super excited to try, too. 

The pancakes are ones I made from Peas and Thank You. Not ready to review it fully yet. But if you have an inkling, I'm telling you her Apple Cinnamon pancakes (yes, the pictured ones) are pretty much worth the purchase price if you are a pancake fan. We've been buying a Vegan pancake mix and will NOT be doing that anymore. Five from scratch batches will likely pay for the cookbook. I also found more pages to fold over of recipes I want to try. I can tell you Peas and Thank You is a keeper.