Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Weekend Adventure ~ Camping Trip

 We did a wee bit of camping this holiday weekend. Lots of fun Vegan food, including Veg French toast w/ almond butter, maple syrup and banana slices. Yum. Veg Sloppy Joes, Veg Philly Sandwiches and Veg S'Mores. 

Veg S'Mores may have been the most popular. And they were very tasty (and easy once we found the Veg marshmallows). I'll post recipes soonish. A few are keepers for sure, a few need a tweak or two. And a couple are tweaked to near perfection after they were tried during the Montana trip.

  We didn't go too far from home. Just a few hours down the road. We camped near a very small town. The most exciting part of the three block long downtown were the cool murals on the side of buildings, and the razor wire on top of a very tall fence. Inside the very tall fence was a basketball hoop and outside were law enforcement vehicles. Methinks we spied the town jail.

 Oh, we had rain. Rain and bugs. However, the rain fell when we were sightseeing, shopping and while we ate. Rob had cracked out a covering over the table before it began raining so we stayed nice and dry. A wind came after the rain and dried the tent to perfection and kept bugs away during the evening. Nice.

Highlights of the trip ended up being firsts for the canine girls and 24. We hit a pocket of Amish country. We visited a furniture shop with BEAUTIFUL furniture and a country store that carried bulk items, some organic ones. Both were lit only by skylight and windows. The furniture store boasted a fruit and veggie stand out front of it so we grabbed some goodies. We scored carob chips, organic raisins, sesame seeds and homemade jams for really decent prices, too. Nice serendipity. 

Plus. 24 was able to see her first close-up Amish children. Three little kids stared out the window at her as she checked on the dogs. (Uhhh, so it was a little odd, but it worked. The dogs were in the pickup bed while we drove around (safely secured, FYI). And when it started to rain Rob rolled the cover over them. So when we got to the country store we opened the tailgate. The Amish furniture builder called the dogs "Pampered" and the little kids probably thought that we were pretty crazy, too. Ha. Ha. )

The pampered pooches were on their best behavior all weekend. Didn't bark at people or chase wildlife. And they had their first real taste of a lake. Lily is a very accomplished swimmer after a rough start. Lola. Well, she prefers some terra firma under her feet, even if it might be a bit soggy. However, if her sister will swim out and get the frisbee or stick, she'll gladly help out. 

The cutest moment may have been when Lily lost the stick that was tossed and went to a half submerged tree and broke off her own stick to bring to her mom.