Monday, March 04, 2013

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Not Clowning Around !

I appreciate the comments, Ladies. Xta. I envy your wardrobe of black items numbering within the minimalist single digits. Actually, though you can't hear me, I'm clapping. Amazing.

However, I'm afraid that I wouldn't know what color group to get rid of. And where to start winnowing down to less choices. Some days I feel solids, some stripes, and others are just polka dot or die days.

It did encourage me when one of my blog reading co-workers mentioned that she had spent a full on twenty minutes staring at her clothes, too, before getting dressed for the day. And another chimed in that this was regular behavior for her, also

Xta, that leaves you in the category of abnormal. (Scientific survey, right, me and two co-workers? And I'll include Michelle in that because she likes my polka dots and clearly getting rid of polka dots is not an option and that collection alone would put me over Xta's minimalist standard).

For the record. On Friday I did wear polka dots. And though I love to buy clothes of the green variety (prewashed as in preworn) category, and love polka dots, I did NOT buy the clown suit for my closet.  And golly. I'm going to go ahead and pat myself on the back over that fact. Winnowing, working on the minimalism, one piece at a time. 

Note: It does look like it'd be comfortable...and other than the danger of my clumsy self wearing shoes that would definitely send me hurtling down stairs and into painful objects, I could be tempted. :  )