Monday, August 12, 2013

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Want to Be Interesting?

How to be Interesting.

Someone tagged me on Facebook about this book. 

At first I was a bit concerned...was this person singling me out as someone who needs lessons on how to be less annoying and more interesting? 

Oh my!

But then I decided that he already considered that some of what I was doing was covered in the book, and that I might enjoy what else was inside. (Aren't optimists more interesting, right? And proof that I try to live in the overlapping bubbles above...even if it was meant as a "get a clue, Lady." moment.)

Here's a link to the article that went viral and resulted in the book. I borrowed the picture above from the book blog

On a related note. Our sermon on Sunday included a comment that made me pause. I think it ties into the discussion of what makes a person interesting. My pastor went to a leadership conference last week. One of the speakers was a psychologist who broke down human needs into the following categories.

The need to be loved
The need to belong
The need to chose to be brave

We are designed to want to live our lives, not use them up as spectators, or in bitter regret. Fascinating er interesting.