Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Weekend Adventure

Dairy barn. Beautiful girls patiently waiting for milking.
We spent a bit of time in Wisconsin over the weekend. First time for me, ever. I may have crossed over the border on my way elsewhere, but this was my first time hanging out in this lovely state. Here are a few highlights. 

This little guy really liked me...enough to eat me. Ha. Ha.
We created a prayer garden out of a blah section of the Bible camp. We walked past a cow who was in labor. (You don't probably want details. Let's just say the calf wasn't appearing yet but other stuff was.) & discovered that lazy Wisconsin rivers can contain some impressive rapids and have electric fencing strung across them.

Some moving water in the lazy river.

The lazy part of the river.

Beautiful buildings....

Nice discovery on returning home....blueberries almost ready.

Raspberries, too.

Popcorn loving chickens.

A wee bit of the Secret Prayer Garden.