Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Redecorating Fun

I didn't have chest x-rays at work scheduled today. And my living room redecorating project has been calling my name the past few weeks. So I took a day off to answer the call. I've been painting away all day. The living room color scheme is the top picture. The turquoise is the accent color. The walls are doneish---Rob has to do the upper edging because my skillz with dark paint next to white ceiling is not so great. 

I plan to use peacock colors as decorating accents. Today, I got a good start on my coffee table, which is being repurposed a second time, and a cute bird plaque I got at a thrift store that was plain wood with a pink bird. The table is going to be various peacocky paisley designs in dark brown, turquoise, dark blue, light blue, gold and silver. So far it's pretty coolish. 

I'll post pictures when I get the room together.