Thursday, September 22, 2011

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Baby Steps to Change, ala DVD...

Life/Food/Health Documentaries I love. 

All available through Netflix. (Instant Streaming, too)

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Forks Over Knives

Food Inc.

King Corn

Super Size Me

Why? Good question. Because each of them gives helpful information about why, what and how to make little changes. And they celebrate little choices that add up. Each of these films have moments of horrific reality that forced me to make a series of choices. Including an invitation for me to choose what I'd do with the information I'd been given.

Is every bit of information absolute truth? Do each of these films have an agenda? Those are details you'll have to wrestle with when and if you choose to see them. I'm not going to be an activist any time soon. I'm still trying to figure all this out and what the word "healthy" means to me. And, there are different definitions of that word. But. I can't not not share what I've discovered. Hence the changes and different look at Scrambled Dregs. Writing? Still important? Yes. Book reviews? Still important? Absolutely.There has been no change, necessarily, in my loves, likes and drives, but there has been a shift in my priorities and my time. 

If you are on the fence, curious, wondering or apprehensive about your food intake or choices, invest a few hours into looking into what these films have to say. If not, just keep dropping in every once in awhile, you'll never know what you might find here. I hardly ever do. :  )