Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Month of

I have mixed feelings about not participating in Vegan MoFo this year. (Vegan Month of Food). It's not like it's ubertaxing to post 20 times in a month. I do that regularly. But I didn't plan ahead like I should have in order to do it up right. 

So, September won't have a theme. 

I think November might promise a little NaNoWriMo, though. I haven't mentioned this yet, but Out of the Frying Pan has received another offer from a house we'd love to be part of. One comments was that there would be some interest in our series ideas. 

We have the basic plot ideas, but I've been thinking about the nuts and bolts lately. And I have a couple scenes in my head that probably should find their way into a document. So. There's that. 

My long weekend was the best. Super low-key. I didn't even leave the house on Saturday. The best. And Monday included a long walk with &, her kids and Lily and Lola. Beautiful morning. And though there were a few moments of weeping on the trail it was lovely none-the-less. Those weeping were the under 6 crowd and I believe most of those issues had to do with the word "no."

Sunday evening Rob and I packed the three kids up and drove them to an epic kids/family event. &'s boss's bakery/coffee house was providing cupcakes and treats and & needed to work the event. One problem. Weather. As we arrived big, fat raindrops were just beginning to fall out of the sky. Scads of people left and scads more hauled all the outdoor items into the church. The kids got to do a bouncy house obstacle course that took up half the large church's foyer. And they each got balloon sculptures. A pink hat with a bumblebee, (the 3 year old insisted she'd seen one there), a parrot that actually perched on a shoulder, and a stripey unicorn hat that ended up becoming a weapon used against me. 

The rain finally stopped and they church was able to set off the planned firework show. The best part was the distant lightning that punctuated the event. And the occasional boom that set off a car alarm in the parking lot. Ha. Ha.