Monday, September 24, 2012

Scribbles and Scrambles - Flexitrip

This trip has become bigger and different than originally planned. I don't know about you but until I actually touch, taste or at least touch down something/somewhere I am pretty clueless about details. Hence this trip was into the unknown.

I was in Seattle 24 years ago. A very long time... I remember the following details: a most delicious, decadent chocolate dessert at the Pike's Market, my first sighting of a pierced nose...I thought the poor girl had a wicked nasty whitehead. I also remember the fish market and the flowers. Oh and a week of drizzle.

We have had perfect weather. Absolutely perfect. And we've seen and experienced more than we thought we would. Seattle is different than I remembered. Portland was a lot like I expected. Ours plans have all changed several times. Things we thought we wanted to do have become no's due to time, space or $. But other things have slid into place and made for some fun memories. We've even shared air with Esselstyn and Bob of Bob's Mill.

So today is the last full day. We'll see what it holds.