Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Birthday Bash and Bunapolooza....

Saturday was the baby bunnies one month birthday. In celebration their human invited the new owners of two of the three to come take a peek. Whew. They will be a perfect fit. The family loves them and the bunnies snuggled in and bonded with the kids. In two or three weeks they'll be moving to their new home. 

We also discovered a bottomless and removable topped cage that may have been an old guinea pig cage back in the day that works as a baby playpen. The bunnies had their first grass grazing fest and Lizzie (Mama Bunny) got a much needed respite. There is a ramp that was loads of fun for all, too.

And, in a hilarious turn of events, a friend sent & a Craig's list link that someone was selling a terrific bunny cage for a great price. & emailed and said she was interested, then read the whole description which mentioned that the folks were moving and couldn't take the bunny along. So the cage came with a bunny. And that they were going to screen carefully for a good home. Oops. So she emailed and said she'd take the bunny, too. Cute lop ear, sure, why not? 

The people emailed that they'd found a taker, but would let her know if it fell through. & really wanted that cage. So she responded that would be great, and by the way, the bunny was really cute, and looked a lot like her male bunny that she'd just rescued. 

Oh, that got em. The rescued thing clinched it. They said they knew their bunny had a perfect home with her. A few more emails later, it turns out, that the perfect home got just the bunny. Not the cage. 

Ha. Ha. Now. We have another bunny, Charlotte. And there are plans to build another bunny cage.  Moral of that story. If you don't want free bunnies, be very careful what you say. They are apparently EVERYWHERE.