Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ A Little Step Forward..

Around Thanksgiving I began my violin journey. 

I remembered precious little from my short violin career nearly four decades ago. I knew there was a bow, that the strings had names, as did the little dots on the page. I remembered the combination of fingers on the strings and sliding the bow across the strings made sounds. Some not so pleasant, some amazing depending on who played them. 

In February, when I barely knew a dozen notes and couldn't count to four and play at the same time, and couldn't recognize anything I was playing beyond the occasional kid song, I went to my teacher's concert. 

They played William Tell Overture and I was amazed. So fast, so crisp, so entertaining. And as I watched their fingers fly I thought I'd never be able to play that song. 

Rusty. Rough. Squeaky and HARD... here is what I've been working on.