Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Scribble and Scrambles - Waffling Wednesday

I'm not promoting a single book this week.

No reviews, no interviews. And since I started the whole Monday thing, I might as well see this through.

Tonight's theme -- prayer meeting highlights.

One of our youth has created a virtual pastor, our pastor, on some little hand-held gaming device. Even has the goatee. Pretty sweet.

A NEST of spiders has taken over a fake ficus tree and spun a bridge to a music stand. Fortunately, the decorating deaconess found this nest (after brushing her hair against it) (ha, sisterly love, of course) and two big, strong elders came to the rescue. One big, strong elder was no less than my handsome, spider-eradicating husband. He was even dressed for the part. He didn't have time to "change hats" before coming to church so he was decked in his sleeveless t-shirt. Upon his entrance into prayer meeting our 21-year-old wiseacre daughter said. "Dad, put those guns away."

(I have no idea where this child got her lip. )

If you couldn't tell, we're a fairly casual group on Wednesday evenings.

While the spider hunt was going on, I had a conversation involving Belgium Waffles.

Yes, we did get praying done, thank you very much.

Thursday is lurking and you know what comes after it. Hang in there...