Friday, September 29, 2006

Scribbles and Scrambles - Traffic Poem and Life Tip

Thank you, anonymous, for the lovely poem on Wednesday. Feel free, all you other anonymousi, to leave a thought, poem, or life tip.

Have a great weekend - and drive carefully. : )

Ode to Bad Drivers Everywhere.

Nice wave!
Put your finger down.
I was right and you were wrong.
Read the signs or look around
Or can’t you see past your mascara wand?

Hurtling highways breeds discontent
And mating season seems imminent
At least with you glued to my tail

If I wasn’t so patient, I might yell
Okay, I do, but you can’t tell
Since your attention’s focused

Hey, ET, let’s not phone home
At least while dancing, weaving, speeding
On my road.

Nice helmet.
Melons break on impact though.

Superhero dreams.
Ignorance’s bliss.
Sign up for a reality class.

Aggression pumps
Like poisoned swill

Insanity eeks like sighs
From lips clenched tight

Sometimes the only
Restraint I show
Is because my bumper
Sports a Christian fish.

Life tip for the day:
When speaking on the cell phone, upon entering a public restroom -- don’t.
When nature calls, say, “hold on a minute”, and click over.
In plain English…it’s just gross to talk on the phone while toilets flush in the background.