Thursday, April 28, 2016

Scribbles and Scrambles - Well, Technology Can Be Awesome

From the safety of my car while waiting for the severe thunderstorm to pass I was able to check my email, creep on Facebook, begin a blog post and communicate with my daughters to make sure they were pocketed safely away with the children.  Yay, smart phone. I could also have tracked the weather down to the second, but I generally just use my senses for that. Which explains my occasional coatless days in January because the "sun is shining" moments. 

From my conversations with the girls I was reminded of two things. A) My older daughter's faith is strong. She was totally unaware of tornado warnings just a dozen miles away and they were just doing life and chilling after school. B) My youngest daughter has followed in the cliche "you marry your father" Her husband stood outside and filmed the wall cloud while she braved the tornado shelter in their apartment complex. It flooded, she had to navigate around spiders, broken glass and a condom wrapper floating downstream while carrying her 7 month old, 22+ pounder around. 

At least her hubby had a good time.