Friday, September 30, 2016

Serials and Scenarios ~ Books, Books, and Life

Part of me feels a little guilty for just moving forward and not acknowledging the stuff happening in our world. Train wrecks, shootings, racial tension, politics. 

But then what do we do with this upheaval and angst and fear and horror? If we are praying people, we pray, and hope for mercy and cling to our faith. If we are not, we attempt to escape. 

My heart and my prayers are turned not only toward the victims but toward the only hope I have, we have, and I just can't join the discussions over these tragedies and hairpin societal turns and plunges. Because then my focus shifts to the darkness and the seeming hopelessness.

I would hope this silly little book would give someone a break from the world around them. And maybe a sense of hope that though darkness hovers over us, light does break through, and the fat lady hasn't sung yet. No matter how loudly she's rehearsing. Does that make sense?  

I just sent out another free e-book. 

Here's a chance to win a signed copy from Michelle. And a little more about Michelle, and the book.  Yes, I signed it too at our book signing event last weekend!