Friday, February 10, 2012

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Lame-da, Lame-duh Recapped Week

such a "poem" deserves such a picture.
Week in summary in freestyle kind of random poemish type verse. Scarily, there was a cadence in my head as I typed. And Scarily is probably as creative as it gets...

Cat's on the table, what a nasty trick
Finally got winter snow was nice and thick

Germs fill the household, the nasty kind
Had a birthday party, and spent some fam time.

Tweaked a few recipes. Read a few lines.
Watched old TV episodes on Netflix
While  "shopping" ideas on Pinterest. 
Went to a funeral, The sixth in the past few months.

Walked a few dogs. 
Supported a few grocery stores.
Read a few blogs. 

Going to meet Toad-man for coffee at 6:15.
Ugly time of morning 
but such a blessing.

Hope you didn't gag at the lame-o poem.
And I'm out of words. And out of steam.