Thursday, June 07, 2007

Scribbles and Scrambles - Pat and Polly

Pat has a fowl history.

A certain fowl, one which lives in the spare bedroom at Pat's house, would like to write the final chapter.

Pat and Phyllis aka Mom and Dad purchased a parrot many years ago. I'm not sure how they found said parrot. It's a little sketchy to buy a used parrot -- but this was the situation. Mom sucumbed to parrot ownership because of compassion, Pat, well, I'd guess it was the challenge.

Sonny had a checkered past involving violent outbursts and bird temper tantrums. His name was the first thing changed, as his given name was reflective of the not-so-pleasant parrot personality.

Sonny is a one woman bird. Unfortunately, his woman is married to Pat. This weird triangle has not eased over the years. Oh, the males in the house have grown to respect one another, but it's a cold war.

Sonny doesn't get out of the cage often. He prefers the solitude and long distance relationships. He's a little bit of a control freak. His woman lets strangers into the home, or family members, even Pat -- and these situations cause Sonny's deep issues to stir.

On quiet days when stress is at a minimum Sonny gets a taste of freedom. Generally, this taste ignites some hunger for a piece of Pat. A hunting game of sorts has developed between man and bird. Pat's voice is all that's needed to ruffle Sonny's feathers, and Pat has the adolescent need to speak to Sonny when he is on one of his walkabouts. You've heard the phrase "them's fightin words" well, there is such a thing.

Several man vs. bird skirmishes occur during these moments. Mom says she can predict who'll win. When Pat is fully dressed his jean clad legs prove a fine defense. But oh the joy of Sonny when he catches Pat unaware. A man in his BVD's is no match for a parrot with an attitude.