Monday, January 07, 2013

QuitCHIR ~ 30 Days of Change ~ The Explanation.

How easy is it for you to plunge into negativity?

The lure of negativity for me? It's cake. Multiple layers of decadent cake slathered with creamy frosting and various assorted mouthwatering fillings. And as addictive.

When I begin complaining, counting flaws, finding fault, gritching, blaming, it becomes a crushing snowball in my life. And when I enter a location with others who are out of sorts, it's not long before I join them and built my ice fortress of ugliness.

So. Even though we are one week into the new year and I have yet to make official resolutions, I'm setting aside thirty days to make a change in the way I look at life. If I force myself to stop the cycle of negativity I won't catch the frozen snowballs of yuck that others throw my direction. Right?

So join me.

I'm going to call it QuitCHIR.  Quit Complaining, Harumping, Imploding, Raging. Start seeing the blessings in life, the good in others and the beauty around us. Because all of those three huge things exist. They just get buried in attitude, outlook and gloomy clouds of doom.

My suggestion, and feel free to expand on this idea, is to replace the focus on the stormy clouds with looking for the silver linings.

Day One

Recognize your negative thoughts. Are there situations and/or people that tend to multiply them? If you are very brave write them down.

Come back tomorrow for Day Two. A very positive step, indeed.