Friday, August 16, 2013

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Sneakish Peek and Destressed For Now....

Another teaser for a recipe, coming soon to this blog in September. It's gotta post elsewhere first, and frankly, since I stinking procrastinated to the day of the deadline for this recipe, I'm a wee bit too tired to post it here, too. 

Why did I procrastinate? Good question. Stuff like that totally stresses me out, but clearly, not so much that I act in a more timely manner. 

The craziest part of this procrastination thing is that this recipe share is writing I get paid for. 1500 words which includes recipes and pictures and suggestions. I cracked out one of my recipes last week and read the book so I could review it and come up with food suggestions to tie into a book club meeting. Sheesh. Feeling tired thinking about it. Ha.Ha. But. These little cupcakes are worth waiting for.