Monday, April 08, 2013

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Parched

Don't think the things you say and do have an impact on others ripple-tidal wave style? 

We had a local Arbonne training meeting on Saturday where we met some people we hadn't met before. 

One of them, Rachel, grabbed hold of &'s arm and started chatting. In the realm of Facebook, we have the ability to get to know a little bit about people without ever actually meeting them. Sometimes good...sometimes scary. Right?

They chatted a bit and talked about running. & is running a 1/2 marathon next month and has been conditioning. That little bugger can run 8 miles and live to tell about it. Whew. Huge accomplishment. But I digress.

Rachel is a runner and she said a few years ago she was running in Colorado. The altitude and the distance snuck up on her and she got overheated. There was a convenience store and she stopped. She said she could see her reflection in the glass as she opened the door and that she looked like she was in trouble. Runners usually don't carry cash.

She asked for a cup of water. And was turned away. Really? 

Fast forward to a few years later. She's in our city, running with a friend. They get near &s coffee shop and the heat starts kicking their hind-ends. Rachel began to feel overheated and her friend noticed her color turning to red. The friend suggested they run across the street and ask for some water. Rachel said she'd never have gone by herself after her encounter in Colorado. But with a friend she felt a little more supported. 

They walked in. Asked for water. & was working. And Rachel said, "Not only did you get me water, you smiled, filled the cup with ice, offered refills until we were ready to go, and talked to us like we mattered." 

Rachel then went on to say, "We don't buy ice cream or coffee anywhere else now, Tazza has our loyalty. And I'll never, never shop at a ___name of convenient store chain_____ again. 

One cup of water. 

One tiny act of kindness, actually, more like an act of simple human connection. 

Be that glass of water in your world today. Bring refreshment, comfort and hope.