Thursday, September 07, 2006

Serials and Scenarios - Color My World - Deb Raney

Deb Raney checks in with her crayon thoughts.

In case you've read Deb's books, or have seen her picture and think she must be a sweetie, you would be correct.

And, well, what can I say...Deb and I think alike...kind least where Periwinkle is concerned. I am concerned that Deb, so bubbly and sweet, didn't mention yellow. But I'm holding out hope.

What crayon in the box describes you on a good day? Bad day? Which one do you aspire to be?

"Periwinkle blue on a good day. LOVE that color! It just makes me happy! I honestly don't have very many bad days, but I suppose I'd choose orange for a bad day. Something about that color stirs me up, so might as well get good and stirred up if I'm already mad."

And Deb would like to share the following, too:

"My newest book to release is the updated and expanded A Vow to Cherish (Steeple Hill, July 2006). We’re celebrating the ten-year anniversary of my first novel’s first release. I’m excited about this book finding an audience with a whole new generation of married couples. Coming next: Remember to Forget (Howard/Simon & Schuster January 2007). Send me an e-mail me at for a copy of my brand new Autumn e-newsletter with a sneak peek at the cover of Remember to Forget. As always, I’d love to have you drop by"

More from Me:

A Vow to Cherish became a movie. A friend of mine went forward and gave his life to God after seeing it. It's a powerful story.

Another aside -- housekeeping if you will -- a friend and faithful blog reader/critic gave me a book of Jewel's poems for inspiration.

Expect more poetry. Feel free to comment with one of your own.