Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Less

Remember my lofty goal to get rid of 1000 items by the end of 2015? And how I did that in the first quarter of the year? I honestly can't say I miss any of those items. Not one. And I've kept going, too. Without a count, just a guesstimate, with Rob's help, we hit 2000. I probably hit 100 just over the weekend. 

I used to buy screaming deals and put them in a special drawer for future gifts opportunities. That was a great idea especially when my kids were younger, but now that I give fewer casual gifts I've decided it was time to share and let people use those things instead of them languishing another year in my closet. 

I have had a chance to offer my kids different items that I just don't need or want anymore and most of the time they've jumped at it. A few times it's been something they really needed/wanted but didn't have in the budget. That's definitely more satisfying than storing, moving and looking at an item that just doesn't call to me. 

As I'm prepping for a big season of get togethers and visits, I've noticed a few other things about having less stuff. It is easier to organize if there's less of it. I have empty or semi empty drawers for things so that items can be put away properly. Sigh of satisfaction.

I think we'll keep going.