Thursday, June 15, 2006

Scribbles and Scrambles - Bears and Rats and Hamsters – Oh My Part 1

I’m going to confess that I am not a dog person. I lean toward cats. However, an occasional dog has caught my fancy and affection. Probably not Max, the Chihuahua, who was so excited to see me that he tinkled down my leg. Not the growling, barking dogs I’ve encountered. Stinky dogs are low on my list. I had a memorable encounter with Princess the poodle, fresh from the groomers with ice blue ribbons tied around her pewter, poofy ears. With her matching blue metallic painted claws grasping the car door and her hind end draped casually on my left arm, we bonded during a trip to my friend’s home. Princess left an indelible mark on my psyche along with the small brown spot on my arm.

Bear was an adorable puppy. This might be the key to dog gaga-hood. He grumbled when picked up and fit in my arms like a wriggly, five pound bag of potatoes.

Then he grew to the size of a Mini. Seriously, the dog hovered around 130 pounds. People would stop by the house and recoil at his size.

The biggest threat he posed was excessive licking and head butting for attention.

Except one unfortunate time.

A sweet elderly lady walked her little puff of a dog every day. One day Bear was outside at an inopportune time. They strolled by and he wanted to play so he bounded toward them. He tended toward clumsy, and this may have been his crowning moment of clumsiness.

He overshot and bowled the dog down. Fortunately my husband was the one observing all this and he had to go calm them. After that I noticed the duo walked a different trail.

Bear, the big lovable lug – emphasis lug -- also loved rodents – come back tomorrow and I’ll share just how much.