Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Some Fun Perks and Quirks.

So this is fun. Remember the coconut crust rhubarb pie that 24 invented? I posted the recipe at the Earth Balance web site because they offered a free product coupon for coconut oil recipes. They have a brand new line of organic coconut oil. How could I not send the amazing coconut crust rhubarb pie recipe in? 24 was pretty jazzed about the free product coupon. (Me too, and we just used the last one we got...nice.)

And they wanted to feature it on their website today.

Here it is. Isn't that cool?

And since creativity and fun is on the docket. Here are a few things recently made by yours truly and a few friends.

My folks, daughter in law and 24 (me, too) took another glass fusion class. Here is my end product. The four season apple t
ree. Not quite what I pictured in my mind. But I think it turned out nice. 24 made a wowser cool birdie in a cage, Mom a fabulous fish, Dad another Monet-type work-of-art rendition of their house, and my daughter-in-law a modern dot and stripe beauty. (Thanks for posing, taking and sending the pics, Dad. ) : )

And at the art fair on Saturday I made (well, mostly stood there while one of the volunteers did all the work) a sweet repurposed vinyl messenger bag....made out of old billboards. How cool is that? The company is called Revinylize... very cool idea.