Friday, March 21, 2014

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Wonky Eye Argh!

 So. On Monday my eye started feeling irritated. On Tuesday it was raging, like I couldn't open it very far wonky, and I ended up losing two days of work. Thursday I went into my job and took advantage of one of my benefits, doctors and a PA who can listen, look and prescribe. One of the docs likes "toys" black lights and numbing and cutting and freezing. He was only too happy to numb my eyeball, drop in some dye and take a peek with his black light. I had been concerned a couple of sore spots on my forehead and cheek with a icky eye might mean shingles. 

Fortunately, not shingles. unfortunately a scratched cornea. He sent me to the eye doctor for treatment. In the meantime one of my coworkers really wanted me to patch my eye. So I found a black spoon and struck a pose. 

Then I went to the eye doctor. Fortunately, she found out how I irritated and scratched my eyeball. Unfortunately. it required her to numb my eye again and bring out some very horrifying tools which she used to slice a tiny growth off the inside of my eyelid. Tools? Super pointy tweezers and either a scalpel of some sore or a razor blade. I saw it coming at me and held my breath. UGH. Don't want to see that again anytime soon. (My doc employer will be bummed he doesn't have that set up.) Seriously, the growth was literally like a grain of sand, sharp, hard, tiny. Fortunately I only have to use lubricating eye drops til my eye feels better and it was the quickest trip I've ever had at any clinic. 

Unfortunately. No patch required. Argh!