Thursday, June 27, 2013

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Painting Party Tutorial ~ Day 2

We were at Step 4: The stems and leaves. Finish your leaves, leaving half of each leaf blank. 

Step 5: Yellow centers, aka blobs. Use the same technique you did for the small flowers. Mix up the bump outs on the yellow blob to make the flower more interesting. And black rings. Ditto. Don't fill in the black ring because the blue will be going there. 

Step 6: Outline the flowers, leaves and buds with a thin brush dipped in black paint.  (Or use a Sharpie)

Step 7: Blue. Fill each black ring with a blue blob. And then pick which leaves or portion of leaf you want to paint blue and fill it in, or highlight it over the green that is already in place. 

Step 8: Add yellow highlights to the leaves and buds. 

Uniquely same art.