Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Ima Sucka

Though this is probably zero in the surprise department for y'all, I'm kind of a dog freak. 

Let me state that I'm way too cheap to indulge in matching ensembles for the three of us, and I'm way too practical to put cute clothes on Gertrude and Gladys,  (This is what would happen. Gladys would rip a hole in Gertie's outfit by clenching onto a ruffle and pulling. Gert would then get ticked and grab hold and pull the sweater over Gladys's head. Then one or both would find something to roll in, or at least need to dig a hole in the yard while wearing it. Cha-Ching!  $20.00 burnt right in front of my eyes. ) 

But I'm ridiculous none-the-less. 

For example, I have been reading quite a bit lately. Why? Because it's beautiful outside and the girls like to be outside but they like me to be with them. Yep. If I go in to do chores during outside time it usually results in barking at the door. To be let back in. And ringing at the door because they really, really want to bark at...well....anything and really like the echo they get outdoors.  So I do some reading time and more often than not have some furbaby sitting in my lap while I do so. 

I also give way too many treats. I've begun buying smaller and breaking them into tiny pieces because, well, I don't want paint can dogs. (You know the ones who's bodies look like a gallon paint can turned on its side with a tiny peg head and teensy peg legs?) I also talk to them a lot. And feel bad that they are in their room while I'm away. The kennel that they often choose to sleep in. On days I'm home during the day, they nap. So it's not like they miss me. After a weekend where I'm home a lot, they seem kind of relieved come Monday. Like they are thinking "finally, we get to chill and not have to entertain her ALL DAY!" 

I have cut down on computer time as well. Because they prefer to bookend me and since the computer is on my lap, bookending just doesn't feel comfortable what with the cords and sharp angles. And one or both of them might want to get on my lap or use it at a springboard. 

Finally, the pictures. You see a lot of them, but, seriously. I take so many pictures of these dogs. And I used to not even like dogs. Wha?!?