Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Life Continues Just Add Sun, Water and Love

It's been almost two weeks since the really, really hailish hail storm.

The farm took a hit. Big time.

The CSA will limp on.

Maybe the boxes won't be so densely packed with food from here on out, but the food we get will feed us, body and soul.

The bread and butter of the farm was wiped out in twenty minutes of rain and hail.

However, I've visited a few times the past week. And each time I see the farm there is clear evidence that life goes on. From the asparagus that survived softball hailstones and needed to have a little TLC weeding done, to the gems (sweet potatoes) hidden safely in their underground nest, these little veggies are hanging in there.

Pat, my pop drives the Super Weapon. (Weapon to weeds, only, unless I'm driving it which was not allowed.)

And the hand in the plastic glove?

It is the only view 24 allowed me to post, stating that the others were horrific and would make people hurl their breakfast. Fine.

There was an injury at the farm today. There could've been more. It rained all morning and the word MUCK is an understatement. 24 and I hightailed it to pick tomatoes in the garden behind the high tunnel. We slip-slid our way up and down the mud road, laughing our fool heads off. Neither of us fell which was a miracle.

But while digging for onions, I pulled a weed. It was a weed that did not want to leave the ground. It bit back, slicing my ring finger joint wide open.

Yes. I left some serious organic material on the farm. And I one-handedly took some impressive pictures. But, again, I was FORBIDDEN to post those. : (. You can thank 24 later.

Quick post-farm dinner deliciousness.

Garlic Pomodoro

5 good-sized heirloom tomatoes, diced.
5 cloves of freshly-grown-from-your-local-organic-grower garlic. minced.
Splash of Olive Oil (1 tsp or so)
6-8 fresh organic basil leaves (roll leaves into tubes and slice for the cool strip look)
Pasta of choice. Cooked.

Toss olive oil in pan. Add garlic and cook a minute or so, toss in basil strips and tomatoes. Cook just til it is warmed through. Ladle over pasta. Scarf it down and forget to take a picture.