Monday, December 03, 2007

Scribble and Scrambles - Outing Myself

All of you who happen to be mental health's one for you.

What is it called when a person who feels too busy actually creates a tradition that is nothing but a s-l-o-w-as-molasses-on-a-cold-day process and then complicates said process even further?

Besides crazy or insane. I don't like those words.

Give up? Me,too.

This is my newest discovery about myself. I've been in denial but I can't deny it anymore. I must see this as the weird addiction that it is.

I like tape.
That is weird enough, right?
Well, I like tape a lot. And I use it. A lot.
I love the look of gift bags with the fluffy tissue paper puff that invites one to look inside and be amazed. I love gift bags!!!! I buy gift bags!!! I delight in the look of gift bags. I will even use them. On occasion. But my passion is tape.
Something deep inside of me longs for the sound of slick wrapping paper, the zip of scissor blades slicing, and the rip of tape against the little jagged blade. And my fingers love the act of smoothing the tape over the seams, enclosing the present, keeping it safe from prying fingers and eyes.
I've even gone so far that I wrap tiny presents. And then load them into a bigger present and wrap the whole thing.
I'll scratch my itch when I should be sleeping, or cleaning, or cooking. I'm a tape junkie.
I'll be back tomorrow. It's my husband's birthday and I really need to wrap his present.