Thursday, December 10, 2009

Scribble and Scrambles ~ Snow Way!

Loads of snow dumped onto unprepared people always makes for a few stories. One in particular was especially amusing today.

And of a devotional nature.

One of my co-workers was stranded at home. A husband unavailable, a car nestled safely inside a detached garage, no garage door opener, a stuck entrance door.

No problem she decided -- after she panicked. She'd just get the opener from his truck. Which happened to be buried in snow up to her waist. Dressed in her professional attire, she dug, dug, dug, stopping only on occasion to attempt to reach him by cellphone. He was in an area with worthless reception, of course.

After finally getting the door opened she launched herself onto the seat and looked, dug, and finally despaired. No opener. She called someone who told her she could give her a ride. After sweating buckets, and embarrassing herself in front of any neighbors who might have seen the unladylike contortions during her hunt, she headed back in to wait for her ride. While she waited she decided to read her daily devotional.

Anyone want to guess the topic?

Trusting in God. Things happening to show us His power and our weakness and need for Him. Etc. Etc. She read it twice. Said a few heartfelt prayers and laughed. Then her husband called. Told her where the garage opener was. She caught her friend before the gal even left her house. And my co-worker arrived at work on time.

Her trip was spent thanking God for the lesson and she got to share all the details with her work buds.

I do love God's sense of humor.

Next week I'll share about Toad-Boy and the Indy Snow 500.