Monday, August 22, 2011

Serials and Scenario's Sarah Matheny's peas and thank you

Blogging about books for five years has finally, deliciously paid off.

My family and I recently embraced the Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle. Which is basically a more complicated and detailed way of saying Vegan. As in not-chain-ourselves-to-destined-for-Thanksgiving-turkey-chopping-blocks or tossing-red-paint animal activists. Also not the Diet-Pepsi-sucking-living
-on-Oreo-Vegan either.

The whole Vegan thing was pretty
new to us. We knew a Vegetarian who'd been a raw foodist for six months. (Raw food is basically no cooking. They dehydrate or are creative mixers. Nothing is heated over the temperature of...I think 115 degrees (F).) And three family members jumped on the Vegan train three months before we did after reading the Engine 2 Diet and The China Study. However, those three family members are still exploring this whole new way of eating, just like we are.

My husband is now Pescetarian. Which is a vegetarian who will eat fish. However, he is still dairy free at home. I've found dairy product replacements are abo
ut the easiest part of going Whole Food Plant Based. Finding recipes and foods that we feel really replace some of the things we crave, and are easy or at least not crazy-hard has been a challenge.

I've really had to rethink most of my learned behaviors. We started doing that when we went organic (mostly) and toward whole foods (meaning not in bags and boxes i.e. less processed...why? The more processing i.e. steps, the less g
reen and the less a rule...there are exceptions.) but losing animal products and replacing them was a much bigger ball game.

I found several websites w
ith recipes and began to haunt them. I learned about crazy sounding things like seitan, t.v.p. and tempeh and found some amazing recipes.

Since April 1st when I crossed over the line that took me to Vegan I've continued to find and stalk other food blogs and websites.

And that's where I found peas and thank you, while stalking. And here's the payoff. This chick is hilarious. And I found she had a new cookbook. And, me, knowing how this publicity drill works being I review books and get lots of offers for ARCs (Advanced Reader Copy which is usually an unfinished manuscript, often in the unwieldy 8.5 by 11 spiral bound format.) But. A recipe ARC is fine by me. So I contacted Sarah's publicist. I got my copy in Friday's mail! And it was the real deal. Friday night I poured over the book. Sarah has quite a few hilarious stories, one before each recipe, so there was plenty of reading.

Saturday afternoon I made four of her recipes. But, after Friday night I owed it to my husband. And look. I've written so much. You are just going to have to finish reading tomorrow.