Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ What a Horrible Thing to do to Dessert

If desserts spelled backwards is stressed that may explain it.
I just downed a chocolate coconut granola bar....just because it contained chocolate. Coconut would NEVER tempt me. But chocolate coated anything just might if presented at a time of stress.

I'm at one of those points. When it's slightly too early to do anything else right now, and the what-needs-to-be-done is looming on the horizon. And the window of the "right time" is narrow. But. Why is this different than any of the other regularly occurring situations that roll around? I'm not sure.

Maybe because a graduation means the start and clear finish of something, wherein visits and Christmas and Thanksgiving are more just being together. Or maybe it's because the graduation is happening during a time of tremendous change within our family. This is the last graduation of this particular generation. And it is one that is bittersweet for lots of different reasons.

If you are still with me...and you understand what I'm saying. Then bear with me as I power through this week and weeks end and do my best to embrace the sweet and shake off the bitter.