Monday, August 09, 2010

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Petrified

burgundy, it glistens

trapped behind crystal
encased in layers of glass callous
each hurt, each wrong, each pain,
each disappointment
another layer
of protection from more of the same

with each breath, each whisper
of sulfurous humid stench
the beating slows further
the chambers grow stiff
the life giving blood trickles
a river bed sucked empty by an August drought
slime slicked stones, vacant eyed, fish roasted by the relentless sun

clotting, plotting
suffocation, transformation
grabbing of balms bandages and
bitter pills
flasks of poison
until the crimson fades to gray
the gray to solid ice
and the ice to crystal
petrified to stone

and death

if only
a hand
could reach
remove the cold, stone heart
replace, transplant, encase a slippery, beating, hungry heart
a thirsty, ready and soft heart.
if the pierced hand could crack the glass cage,
crunch crystal regrets and sorrows beneath the pierced feet
and speak life into the eager heart
if only

and life