Thursday, January 17, 2013

#9 QuitCHIR ~ All Work and No Play...

Boredom can suck the joy right out of life. 

We need to know enough about our limitations and bents so that we can thrive in the things we choose to do with our time. And in the things we need to do with our time.

Now. That said. I had a conversation with a friend who has taken on a two year project that requires her to do data entry and fix accounts. And she hates it. The job is self-directed and she is in a small room with two others but little interaction. And one coworker plays music she doesn't care for. She said she's thinking about finding a different job. 

This woman loved her previous tasks...was a cheerleader for her company just a few short weeks ago.

I've been in her shoes. A job that doesn't fit chafes like cheap wedges or tight polyester pants on a ninety degree day.  And I've been painted into the tiny corner where I wanted to leave a job so much that I took a significant pay cut and would have considered any job just to escape. 

What was my problem? Terrible fit. And here's the rub. I love a creative outlet. I NEED a creative outlet and these jobs had plenty of creativity. was my pattern. Assess. Dream. Plan. Pull off. Rest. Assess. Dream. Make it better. Rest. Assess. Recognize that I had done it, done it better, and reached a wall. 

My job, creative as it was, lacked the carrot that kept me chasing after the challenge. 

And then I began to hate my job, finding the negatives, picking apart the details, and planning my escape. 

I'd like to help my friend avoid this scenario because her current duties aren't a good fit in a company she loves

Here is the advice I gave her. 

Challenge herself to crack a two-year job out quicker and with greater efficiency so she can cross names off her list, turn the paper work over and shorten her pile, and move to a task that fits her better. She's a natural list maker and does like a good detail, so this could help. 

Communicate: I suggested that she talk to her supervisor and tell him or her that she is struggling. After all, no one wants to lose a great employee over a misfit job description. 

Creativity: I also told her to take frequent mental health breaks. To put ear phones in and listen to music that makes her feel alive instead of suffocated. To find the areas where she can stretch and grow and learn. 

My current position is not creative in nature. However, it constantly challenges me and I learn something new every day. As I've told you before, one of my hot buttons is learning. I love learning. Medicine is a field that will never bore me. 

Do you love your job? Aspects of it? Can you tweak something small that will add joy to your job?