Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Scribble and Scrambles ~ Survival Report ~ Obedience Class Week 2

One day after watching Marley and Me, Lily, Lola, 22 and I headed out for week two of basic obedience classes.

The whole Marley and Me thing is a whole extra story and I'll be posting my review on Saturday. But there is one big connection between Lola/Lily/Me and Marley....that would be the doggie behavior issues.

Lily and Lola are uncomfortably close to Marley, the big screen "Worst Dog in the World."

Maybe it's because there are two of them to his one. Maybe, they share his zest for life or the knack for physical comedy.

Who knows. I do know that, for some crazy reason, they behaved in class last night. The trainer passed out "Good, girls!" and "Excellent!" as often as I passed out slimy bits of dog treats. She even gave us some advanced training because our group (Lily, Lola and Sawyer plus their handlers) is so far ahead of the game. What? Seriously?

Of course, this happened after a very, very tense walk designed to knock the vim and vinegar out of them so they'd behave at class.

We are considering taking a camera next week. Don't know if we can pull off any successful shots, but if we do, you'll know where to find them. I'll even post the ones wherein they pounce on the teacher and tip her over and/or knock over a display. I'll have to work on my video skills since it's possible 22 may do some skiing, too, especially if I'm the team photographer and she's doing double-handling. Maybe we should rethink pictures.