Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Serials and Scenarios ~ Tea for Two...Well...Guests

I completed another whirlwind trip to Minnesota. Michelle and I were invited to a tea party as guests. (I love this word...guests...it means we didn't have to do anything but show up! PERK!) 

The tea was worth the drive.

Michelle has been before and the ladies are big fans of hers. They welcomed me with open arms.

First. The food.

Unbelievable amounts of deliciousness. Most items came in dairy free options as well gluten free and everything was delicious. I mean really delicious.

They gave us our choice in hatwear and tea cups. Many, many choices. They have acquired unique head coverings and tea cups through the years of building this special book club. 

And then we talked about books. Not just ours though many of them shared bits of Out of the Frying Pan that were their favorites. And they are eager for book two to come out soon. Hmmmm motivation to write...

I was shocked two hours after lunch when Michelle announced it was time to go. The stories those ladies told. Whoeee there is some serious fiction fodder there. No, actually, if we tried to write up the stories as fiction people would say they were way too unbelievable. True story.

We ended our time together by opening their gift to us. Each of us received a small frying pan filled with hand made artisan gifts. Apple butter, lotion, soap, lip balm, knit scrub pads and dish cloths. Goodness. The gift smelled delicious and the topper was a bouquet made from scavenged silk flowers. Ha. Ha. They literally came from a dumpster. Well, one of the gals used to work at a book store and they were rescued from the fate of the dumpster. She's had them for years and just knew that this was the occasion with which to part with them. 

These flowers and frying pans will show up at our author's table this weekend you can be sure of that!  The dumpster diving sparked a lively conversation. I was able to talk about my grandma's years in a condo that bordered an apartment complex. She was a regular visitor to the dumpster when people moved out. She was always horrified at the things people threw out. I probably still have some items she scavenged and offered to me. 

Did I mention the stories were hilariously stranger than fiction? 

A good time was had by all. Especially me!