Monday, December 03, 2012

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Restaurant Review McFoster's...

Happy hummus
Over the weekend we tried a new restaurant in Omaha. Well, not new at all. But new to me and under new management. 

McFoster's Natural Kind Cafe is a vegetarian restaurant with both Vegan options and meat dishes. 

Our Vegan friends got together and shared four different dishes. McFoster's was offering free hummus and sweet potato fries with the purchase of two meals. We ate well. 

Sweet potato fries
The Vegan Reuben was top-notch. Absolutely delicious. A creamy brown rice eggplant mushroom dish which I don't remember the name of was memorably delicious. Brown rice, eggplant, mushroom and creamy...yeah. Who needs the name of the dish. 

Reuben and brussel sprouts
The hummus was good. Not stellar but the presentation was nice. 

vegan ice cream
Sweet potato fries...oh, so bad, good. Fries battered and fried. And served with banana ketchup. Good thing four of us shared one batch. The banana ketchup was devoured by two of the girls who said they might just take a spoon to it if the rest of us would turn our backs. Ha. It was very bananay and Sarah and I were a little harder to convince. But the fries didn't need it. That's for sure. 

Hannah's meal for &
 A Vegan BLT was fabulous. And the portabello panini both fine. Clearly the eggplant dish, Reuben and sweet potato fries were the highlights of my palette. 

Then we all stopped at Ted and Wally's homemade ice cream where we enjoyed a scoop of Vegan peppermint chocolate cookie crunch ice cream.

If you are in Omaha and looking for Vegan both of these places are worth checking out. And on a funny note...& was in the church nursery on Sunday. Hannah dished up a play food meal. Since it was a lovely vegan spread, & snapped a picture. Ha. Ha.