Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Law Lessons ~ Go Ahead Make My Day, Punk

I'm just going to put this out there. Suffer the consequences, take responsibility for my actions. 

Unload my soul.

Thursday, I killed a man.

It wasn't pretty. It was a slow, likely painful death. First shot right in the chest...but as I aimed and kept shooting the gun dropped on each following shot. After the chest shot he was still standing and he still had his gun pointed right at me. So I shot him through one of his wife-beater encased love handles then smack dab in the middle of his thigh. He must have been on meth because he kept staring unbelievingly at me, and aiming his blasted gun at my face. Like he was shocked I could actually do it. Finally, I hit him with a few gut shots. 

It was him or me. 
When it was all over my hands shook a bit as I handed in the Glock. I hurried back to safety so quickly I forgot some important paperwork. On the other hand, & was fist-bumped into the good ole boys club. She nailed every shot in a nice tight, controlled manner. Her guy didn't linger. Oh, no. Of course, she would've been in big trouble for the nice shooting had he really been flesh and blood since she stopped him in his tracks with one well-aimed squeeze of the trigger. Her trainer said she was the best shot of the night (well, at the time she was and there were only a few after her, had to throw in that disclaimer). She even went back for a few more rounds with the police assault rifle. Nailed it. AGAIN.

This coming week we get to put into play some of the sweet information we received during the past ten weeks of Citizen's Police Academy. We will get a call into a tense and unknown situation and will get to involve ourselves in a domestic disturbance reenactment. Information of great importance as stressed last week. Secure the location, assess the need for medical assistance and make that call, and separate domestic partners from each other. 

Other helpful information. Never become a close talker even if someone is whispering their little heart out. Close talkers can lose their gun and their life. Never let someone sit where they may have stashed something that could be used as a weapon. And always make sure your back is not exposed to someone who may have access to a baseball bat.

I'm sure I'll do just great. What could go wrong? Besides, I've got a sharp-shooter as a partner.