Thursday, March 12, 2015

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Liebster Craw

Seems like a good time to answer a few more of my cousin Emily's Liebster nominating questions. Poor & had the nasty business I had last week yesterday. And I did the kid running and wrangling to give her a little break. My brain feels like I hung out with kids at warp speed.  But I'm glad no one in the family is currently spewing.

Is it just me or is anyone else amused that my autocorrect will not leave Liebster alone?

I just had to redirect it above. Ha. Lobster/Liebster I'm sure it is is basically all the same.

Anyhoo. Here is part TWO of my epic answer-a-thon. Clearly, there will be a part THREE.

1.  Who is your favorite musician and what is your favorite song of theirs?
I honestly don't have a favorite musician. I love some songs for the words, some for the music and I kinda am all over the place. What I don't like so much is scream-o (heavy, heavy intensity along those lines makes me feel homicidal, so note that if you are a fan and want to ever go on a long road trip with me...just sayin) and I also hate super twangy country. I also get angry when a song is designed/engineered just to be sentimental, not honestly sentimental. Does that make sense? Like Christmas Shoes. I feel like that song just was written to make people think about others during the Christmas season. I'm all for people thinking about others but not being manipulated by words. The Book of Love by Peter Gabriel is one of my all time favorites. I love the music and I love the words. 
2.  If you could have any animal in the world as a pet, what would it be? 
A teacup pig. I swear we call Gladys Piggy because she reminds us of a little pig and it makes me happy. Seriously. Pigs are cute and smart and there is something so endearing about their little suction cuppy noses. Really, have you touched a pigs nose? They sniff so hard and their nose is so jiggly it's like a little slimy suction cup. Wouldn't a pink pig on a leash be the cutest? Now, I am talking teacup sized. No bigger than my girls which are each a perfect armful. BTW one of my favorite things is Gladys is super cuddly lately and wants to be held and she's the perfect pig size errrr puppy, I mean.  
5.  What is an experience in your life that you feel defines you as a person? (it can be good, or bad, just something that you feel shaped who you are now)
8.  Where is the coolest place you have traveled? Describe it.
9.  On the same note, if there was anywhere in the world you could go to, where would it be and why? (for the hypothetical money and logistics are no object! :) )
10. What is a unique talent of yours?
11. If you could share one piece of wisdom that you’ve learned in life, what would it be?
Take God seriously, yourself less so, and if a day doesn't contain something that touches your heart you haven't actually lived that day. Loving costs but it's an investment that pays very well. Laughing is a must. And I jammed this altogether so it counts as one piece, right?