Friday, January 04, 2013

Not So Serious...

Or is it? 

Occasionally I run out of things to blather about. So then I have to get creative. Here's the grease that got my brain cranking.

Do you eavesdrop on people in public places? 


I must admit that I do. Sometimes, it's impossible not to. Those icky, awkward situations when folks are airing their dirty laundry in public. Or, you know, the parents cajoling, bribing, trying to talk sense into their out-of-control shrieking children. Or worse, the parent yakking on the cell phone and ignoring all sorts of screaming and bad behavior, only to reprimand the child in a horribly inappropriate way over something trivial. Yes, behavior that makes Christmas shopping all the more fun. 


And it's really difficult not to focus in on conversations where both parents are on cell phones at dinner and kids sit at a table playing video games. I think a full 80% of public cell phone conversations are ones that, if they didn't take place, wouldn't matter one bit.  


And my favorite of all places to overhear a conversation involves another cell phone scenario, a public restroom, in the stall next to me. Nuff said? Right? I can attest to the fact that ALL overheard potty stall cell phone conversations are ridiculous and more often than not noisy, all those flushing toilets and other ... stuff.


And then, there are the quiet conversations. The ones the inner mystery lover in me wants to investigate further. Just sayin. And finally the fun, distant tete-a-tetes wherein I get to make up conversations based on body language, gestures and lip reading. An exercise in fiction writing. :  ) 


 Do you eavesdrop?