Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ So the Credit Card is Smokin

My weekend included a few splurges.

In my defense I'd like to claim peer pressure AND the saving up of shopping urges.

That said. Four pairs of shoes. Buy One Get One 1/2 Price - all. One pair has already been worn. Another ended up netting me an additional four $ off.

I am the queen of justification.

Gifts. Bargain ones at that. Really. How can THAT be bad?

An uber-bargain on bar stools for my new island...the one that is still in my hubby's mind and hopefully falls out very soon in a three-dimensional form with doors and drawers.

I didna spend much at all at Target, and only three $ at Bed, Bath and Beyond. And I really felt that was necessary since a burst of enthusiastic behavior may have lost them a few customers.

But the best thing of all...was a set of pictures that I have wanted for an entire year. I saw these at the art festival last summer and regretted not purchasing one or both. Together they cost me way less than a daily cup of McD's drive thru coffee. And they bring me as many smiles.

My wonderful husband told me to get both. I hesitated twelve seconds and then slapped the plastic magical buying implement down on the counter.

Aren't they cute? They will be fabulous against my red kitchen walls.