Friday, September 16, 2016

Serials and Scenarios ~ And Where Did this Idea Come From????

Oh so many places you can go to see me this weekend! Tomorrow I'll share links to two of my hardest moments in writing and life. A surrender story and how insecurity about derailed Out of the Frying Pan! But here is enough reading for today. 

I have written a piece about decluttering work areas and the freeing that does of the old gray matter at Novel Rocket. 

And I'm interviewed at the lovely Debra Butterfield's blog. Where I tell about the birth of Zula. Well kind of. 

Please visit all these great Out of the Frying Pan supporters. And don't forget to try to win that free copy. If you've already purchased it as so many of you have...thank you! Win it for a friend or family member or donate it to your local library. 

You can do this HERE