Thursday, July 30, 2009

Scribbles and Scrambles - A Nostalgic Find

We've been cleaning lately. With all the remodeling we've done, we've become really good at packing, hauling and temporarily moving something to a new home.

Unfortunately, with things packed in cardboard and stacked, it's easy to forget what's where. It's also kind of nice to look at clutterless sections of new and improved and it seems kind of criminal to load em up right away.

That said. We've found some treasures. This is my childhood piggy bank. I believe my mom made it in a ceramic class when I was very young. You can see that it may have taken a tumble or two and possibly has had surgery.

I had forgotten all about Petunia Pig. It was fun to find her nestled away in a box of treasures.

And now I can look at her whenever I want. And I just knew you'd want to meet her.