Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Scribble and Scrambles ~ Random Wiglets

I received one of "those" compliments.

You know. The ones that are very flattering BUT.

A new family at church has apparently figured out that I'm not easily wounded/offended which is a really great thing.

I'm thrilled that they've pegged my fun side and know that I have a sense of humor and of the absurd.

Seems the youngest kid in the family has a slightly dramatic flair AND a wig collection. Both parents, and a few others who were there, mentioned that the wig-obsessed girl was donning wigs and came out in a wildly curly wig saying. "Look at me. I'm Kelly."

Unfortunately, the wig was curly AND GRAY!!!!! Hmmm.

Therein is my angst. Have I now crossed over from peppa and salt to salt and peppa?

Oh well. That is easily remedied should I choose to go there. At least she didn't wear a nasty monster mask.