Thursday, September 14, 2006

Scribbles and Scrambles - Things I’ve learned recently…Along the Lines of Murphy’s Law…Pollyanna-ized.

It is best not to panic when you arrive at a family reunion and see people dressed in Medieval garb jousting with plastic swords while riding horses. Just keep going, chances are the Fam is a little further down the road.

Some people attend family reunions in a limo. If you encounter this situation, avoid eye contact with any chauffer who might be wearing a circa 1930’s gangster style fedora. However, if said shirt-tail relative happens to read this, and would like to share the wealth, feel free to get in touch with me. I was the really nice, smiley person who attracted all the sweetly singing birds and giggling children.

High school dances are slightly different than they were a few years ago. However, if you happen to be an adult of a more mature nature and you have the opportunity to bring a date to a high school dance, go for it. And all the teens, as well as the dance contest judges in their middle years will think it’s adorable should you choose to dance. And even mature adults who use a cane and sport white hair can dance to today’s musical stylings. Who knew one could waltz to rap?

When wandering the halls of a hospital (my day job necessitates I do this – so don’t be alarmed, I am NOT posting from the psych unit. No need for sympathy or get well cards, unless they contain money, then knock yourself out.) Oops. I digressed. If you notice a woman dressed in white scrubs, walking an empty IV pole, sometimes it’s best to just keep your comments to yourself. Not everyone gets certain attempts at humor.

Flooring installed in a bedroom and bathroom is as exciting as a closet…Trust me.