Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ 5000 Pin Party

What's a party without balloons, Red balloons and polka dots.
& is a master pinner. 

She recently hit a landmark # and by golly, being the pinner and doer of pins that she is, she decided to have a 5000 Pin Party to celebrate this huge accomplishment. 

Lots of uses for jars on Pinterest, great for veggies for dipping.
I was invited, mostly because it was held at my house. 

Ha. Ha. 

And because I'd help her with the details. 

Rainbow fruit kabobs
And I might take some pictures. 

Here are some fun snaps of the very fun event. We ate, we laughed and those who wanted to make some Pinterest takeaways did.

Jars with lemonade/tea and chunks of fruit.

Frozen banana "pops" with toppings, Pinterest salsa and truffles.

Pinterest cupcake....the best and the worst.

& agonizes which pin to make #5000.

Just pretty, aren't they.
Pinterest ha ha's decoupaged onto can lids an turned into pins.

A few of &'s projects on display. The Twine vase and the lightbulb vases are hers. The black and white beauty is one I bought in Wisconsin.