Thursday, July 24, 2014

Scribbles and Scrambles ~ Creative Dads I'd Like to Meet,,,

There is something both innocently sweet and horrifyingly scary when children spend time alone with Daddy. As demonstrated in these adorable videos...(warning to the sensitive...the 2nd one contains a bit of written indelicate language). I found them on a website I follow and had to embed and share them, too.

Mothers can sometimes suck the fun and the joy out of events because we can focus on the teensiest of important details. A man who hasn't lost his wonder and awe about life makes a great buffer. 

My life would not be complete had I not experienced a dad who was unafrsid of the unknown and knew important and dangerous science and stuff! 

My own kids getting filthy dirty and being used as tools/helpers have become richer human beings as well!

You dads who include your kids in your adventures...carry on. Your kids will be full of memories and possibly fodder for therapy sessions.