Friday, May 23, 2014

Serials and Scenarios ~ Kitchen Table, Omaha Nebraska Restaurant Review ~

 I've eaten at Omaha's Kitchen Table a handful of times since it opened over a year ago. I have not been disappointed, ever. Twice I've gone to Vegan Omaha meet-ups where the entire restaurant was filled with vegans and the food was amazing... a Mexican themed food night and an Italian food night both with delectable courses with interesting and tasty twists on the classics. 

Twice, I've gone as just a random diner who wanted something delicious for dinner. (:  ) ) The latest visit was this week where I noshed on a three bean roasted red pepper burger with a side of local, fresh asparagus. In a word. Yum. The burger was delicious and the texture was perfect. 

I love the atmosphere of the restaurant, very trendy yet comfortably rustic. The kitchen is open providing the perfect smells and sounds that make the diner feel at home away from home. All guests should be able to find something perfect on the menu as they cater to all sorts of eaters who love local and fresh. 

Everything I've tasted has been very much about the taste and clearly the kitchen team loves food and preparing it for others. Plan on dropping about $15+ a person. Though they do have a happy hour that looks like it could be a bargain.  

Go to the website to see the professional and decent pictures of the joint, details about times, and to drool over the locally sourced gourmet offerings they provide.