Monday, August 10, 2009

Scribble and Scrambles ~ Word Smithing Fun

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Courtesy of EER who is obviously enjoying said words and definitions. And beings that I'm always looking for easy ways to fill the Dregs that may alos bring a teensy weensy smile to readers, here goes.

calmorap n. ancient Egyptian custom that was the precursor to today's luxury spas, calmorap began in the hey-dey of Cleopatra's reign.

The ancient Egyptian slaves would feed choice female crocidiles an array of gourmet human-grade foodstuffs, mostly herbs, flowers and a now extinct rat-type rodent called the exrattus which was considered to be the tastiest of all rodents. Once the crocidile ate it's fill it was carefully led (many, many slave girls lost arms and legs during this process) to a holding pen. Inside the pen was a mud pit stuffed full of grape leaves and lavender. As the crocodile slept (and processed the heavy meal) nature would take it's course. The same pits would be used for weeks. As the products fused and fermented more and more lavendar and grape leaves would be stirred in until it became too hot to touch due to the fermenation process. Finally, the valuable ooze was removed and stored in clay pots for another three months.

Once this painstaking process was completed, the contents were mixed with fermented fruit and more lavendar and then slathered over the entire bodies of the royals. Large palm leaves were then wrapped around the luxurious mud mask and the royal was carted into the sun. Once temporarily mummified in the resulting cement-like body covering sleep was sweet and filled with magnificent dreams. Many suggest that the ideas of the pyramids and many of the gods and goddesses surfaced during this process. Finally, the covering was chipped away and after a refreshing dip in the Nile, the skin was said to be as soft as a baby's left buttock cheek.

Information about this procedure was found on ancient tablets.